Still Life: Commodifying Erosion

1.1 Abstract.


Displacing a sample of landscape, artists will analyze the effect of elastic, inorganic theatrical space on a living overstory. Four artists will gather stories inspired by the land, puppeteering the specimen to animate the stories. The final thesis is the recognition that a story teller once displaced from their native environment, may never return, is still life death. Contrasting the exhumed specimen to the live streamed grave-shaped excavation plot, may it be theorized; both the excavation site and remaining specimen will erode. The stories we tell of our past romanticize a returning, whilst our native land no longer can support a homecoming. This is the unrecognized aspect of still life representation; or, contrasting foundation of theatrical performance to filmic capture. Arguing, theatricality must concern itself foremostly with vitality, as our environments define ourselves, so to do we shape the ways we interact with storytellers in response of climate’s composition. This is a study of the slow narrative of still life, and the ultimate cost of performance art vitality. STILL LIFE is a gallery of performativity, not a performance.

Project is in progress, please return Fall 2020 for further explorations and details. This project's seeding was generously funded by Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators and Talk is Free Theatre.